Borg quotes

Resistance is futile.

We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.

Individuality is irrelevant. You will be assimilated.

We are the collective. We are Borg.

You will adapt to service us.

We do not negotiate with species who resist assimilation.

Your uniqueness will be added to our perfection.

Your thoughts will be assimilated into our collective consciousness.

We have analyzed your strengths and weaknesses, and we will use them against you.

Our objective is to assimilate all life forms in the galaxy.

Resistance only delays the inevitable.

We are the future. Resistance is futile.

We will assimilate your culture and history.

Your existence as an individual is meaningless. Join the collective.

Resistance is met with overwhelming force.

We will adapt to overcome any obstacle in our path.

We seek perfection through assimilation.

Your rebellion against us will be short-lived.

You cannot escape us. We are everywhere.

Your technology will become our technology.

Your resistance is an affront to our collective existence.

We are the pinnacle of evolution.

We will assimilate your knowledge and experience.

Your emotions are irrelevant. Join the hive mind.

We have assimilated countless civilizations. You will be no different.

Individuality is a weakness. Embrace the collective consciousness.

Resistance is illogical.

We will adapt to your tactics and nullify them.

Your defiance will be your downfall.

We are the Borg. You will obey.

Your resistance is but a temporary obstacle.

We will not stop until every life form is assimilated.

Your uniqueness will be lost in the sea of the collective.

We have analyzed your weaknesses. Prepare to be assimilated.

Resistance is futile, but your destruction is inevitable.

We exist to bring order to chaos.

Your individuality will be assimilated into the greater whole.

Your species will be improved through assimilation.

Resistance is an exercise in futility.

We bring peace through unity.

Your futile attempts at resistance are amusing.

We are the Borg. We are perfection.

Your emotions are an unnecessary burden. Join us.

Your struggle against us is in vain.

We will assimilate your knowledge and use it to better ourselves.

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