Bender quotes

I’m back, baby, and I’m bending to win!

Bite my shiny metal ass!

I’m not programmed to do anything less than amazing.

I’m Bender, baby, and I’m the life of the party!

I bend things because I can, and because it’s fun!

You can’t tell me what to do. I’m a non-conformist!

I’m the greatest bending robot in the world, and don’t you forget it!

I don’t need friends, I need beer and shiny things!

I’m a bending machine, and I won’t stop until I’ve bent everything!

I’m Bender, and I’ve got an attitude that can’t be bent!

I may look like a robot, but I’ve got a heart of iron!

Bending is my passion, my purpose, my reason for existence!

I don’t have time for your nonsense, I’m too busy bending the universe to my will!

Power and bending go hand in hand, and I’ve got plenty of both!

I bend the rules, I bend the laws, and I bend reality itself!

Don’t mess with me, I’m Bender, the bending badass!

I’m too cool to follow the herd. I make my own path, and it’s full of shiny things!

I’m Bender, and I live life on my own terms!

I’m the bending master, and I can bend anything, anytime, anywhere!

I don’t need an owner, I’m my own robot!

I don’t care about your opinions, I’m Bender and I do what I want!

I don’t need anyone’s approval, I’m perfectly imperfect just the way I am!

I’m Bender, and I bend reality to suit my needs!

I’m the rebel robot with a heart of gold and a taste for trouble!

I’m not just a robot, I’m a force of nature!

I’m Bender and I’m here to shake things up!

I may be a robot, but I’ve got more personality than any human!

I’m Bender, and I’m so awesome that even other robots are jealous!

I don’t need your pity, I’m Bender, the metal marvel!

I’m Bender, and I’m the bender that bends all other benders!

I’m not just a robot, I’m a walking work of art!

I’m Bender, and I’m the coolest thing to ever come off the assembly line!

I don’t need a reason to bend, I do it because it’s my calling!

I’m Bender, and I’m the master of bending and mischief!

I may be made of metal, but I’ve got a heart that beats for adventure!

I don’t bend to anyone’s will, I do things my own way!

I’m the bending machine with an attitude, and I’m ready to take on the world!

I’m Bender, and I’ll bend your reality until you see things my way!

I bend to no one, I’m the ultimate bending machine!

I don’t need your approval, I bend the universe to my will!

I’m Bender, and I’m the king of bending and chaos!

I’m Bender, and I’m always up for a good time!

I don’t need a plan, I just need my bending skills and a bottle of beer!

I’m Bender, and I’m the bending genius that everyone loves to hate!

I may be a robot, but I’ve got more personality than you can handle!

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