Bear Sayings

  1. Bear hug incoming!
  2. Beary cute and cuddly.
  3. Don’t poke the bear.
  4. Always be yourself, unless you can be a bear.
  5. Life is better with a teddy bear.
  6. Bear necessities.
  7. Keep calm and hug a bear.
  8. Live wild like a bear.
  9. Be brave like a bear.
  10. Bear-ly awake.
  11. Bears, beats, Battlestar Galactica.
  12. Care Bear stare!
  13. Ain’t no bear like my bear.
  14. Bear-y happy to see you.
  15. It’s a bear thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  16. I love you beary much.
  17. Bear-ly legal.
  18. Adventure is calling, and I must go, said the bear.
  19. Follow the bear tracks.
  20. Mama bear mode.
  21. Bear down and conquer.
  22. Bear with me.
  23. I’m a grizzly bear in a human body.
  24. Always be fierce like a bear.
  25. Don’t mess with the mama bear.
  26. Bear hugs and kisses.
  27. Be the bear, not the prey.
  28. Roar like a bear.
  29. The bear necessities of life.
  30. A bear is just a teddy without a bow.
  31. Bear-ly surviving the week.
  32. Bear hugger for life.
  33. I’m a polar bear, I’m used to the cold.
  34. Love bears all things.
  35. Let’s go on a bear hunt.
  36. Go wild like a bear.
  37. Life is grizzly without my bear.
  38. When in doubt, bear hug it out.
  39. Don’t stop be-leafing in bears.
  40. I’m not lazy, I’m hibernating like a bear.
  41. Bear hugs fix everything.
  42. Bear hugs and hot cocoa.
  43. Stay wild like a bear.
  44. Bear-ly hanging on.
  45. Bear-ly making it through the day.
  46. I’m a koala bear, I’m just here for the eucalyptus.
  47. Bear-ing it all.
  48. Be fierce like a bear, but gentle like a cub.
  49. It’s not a phase, I’m just bear-y cute.
  50. I don’t always hug bears, but when I do, they hug back.
  51. Love is unbearable.
  52. Bear-ly keeping my cool.
  53. I’m a brown bear, but I identify as a panda.
  54. Be like a bear, eat honey and hibernate.
  55. Bear-ly functioning before coffee.
  56. The bear went over the mountain, to see what he could see.
  57. The bear necessities for a happy life.
  58. The bear is always in charge.
  59. Let’s have a picnic and bear witness to the beauty of nature.
  60. Bear-ly making it through Monday.
  61. Don’t feed the bears, they’re on a diet.
  62. I’m a bear, not a morning person.
  63. Be kind like a bear, but fierce like a grizzly.
  64. A bear a day keeps the bad vibes away.
  65. Bear hugs and snuggles.
  66. Keep calm and be a bear.
  67. It’s always cuddle weather when you’re a bear.
  68. Follow the paw prints.
  69. You can’t spell bear without ear.
  70. I’m a black bear, but I’m always in the green.
  71. When in doubt, just be a bear.
  72. Life is better in bear country.
  73. Bear-ly made it through the week.
  74. Just living the bear life.
  75. Be as strong
  76. Don’t poke the bear.
  77. A bear hug is the best hug.
  78. If it’s brown, lay down. If it’s black, fight back.
  79. Keep calm and be bear aware.
  80. Bear necessities.
  81. Always be yourself, unless you can be a bear. Then, always be a bear.
  82. The bear is a symbol of strength and power.
  83. The bear is not your friend, but it is not your enemy either.
  84. Don’t mess with mama bear.
  85. A bear doesn’t give up easily.
  86. The bear is a master of hibernation.
  87. Bears can be gentle giants.
  88. In the eyes of a bear, we are all cubs.
  89. A bear will defend what is important to it.
  90. The bear is a symbol of the wilderness.
  91. Bears are curious creatures.
  92. Bears are natural scavengers.
  93. Don’t wake the sleeping bear.
  94. A bear is a majestic creature.
  95. The bear is a symbol of the great outdoors.
  96. A bear doesn’t need much to survive.
  97. Always carry bear spray.
  98. Respect the bear’s territory.
  99. The bear is a symbol of the North.
  100. Don’t feed the bears.

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