Battlestar Galactica Quotes

All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.

Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.


So say we all.

I am not a cylon.

The cylons were created by man. They rebelled. They evolved.

In the end, all you really have is family.

No more Mr. Nice Gaius.

The facts are always changing.

The pain is necessary. It’s there for a reason.

We’re not so different from the cylons.

I’m the president of the frakkin’ Twelve Colonies.

Toaster, meet your father.

Losing is a bitter taste.

Hope might be something that only the human heart is capable of feeling.

The destiny of Earth and the human race lies in the hands of us and us alone.

Our lives are gone, all we’ve got is the next moment, and the next one after that.

War is nature’s way of teaching us difficult lessons.

Toaster, feelin’ a little boxed in?

You cannot play god and wash your hands of the things that you’ve created.

Fear is the most powerful enemy.

All of us, from time to time, need to be reminded of what it really means to be human.

Life is not always fair, my friend. Sometimes you have to lose an arm to save your body.

We make our own future.

Nobody likes the thought that someone else has control over them.

We’re all just visitors in this present moment.

We survive against all odds.

We take prisoners, we certainly don’t execute them.

The fight is not over.

I make a great cup.

If the colonies can find allies in deep space, then so can we.

It takes a leap of faith. Trust me, I know.

Trust is something you earn, not something that’s given.

A ship is more than just a hull, a deck, and engines.

We don’t have the luxury of thinking about what might have been.

The truth is hard to find when it’s written in blood.

This is our way. These are our laws.

We keep moving forward.

Sometimes you have to leave things behind.

Fear keeps people loyal.

The end of one journey is the beginning of the next.

It’s not the time to give up; it’s the time to fight harder.

We must never forget who we are.

Freedom comes at a price.

The cycle must be broken.

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