And then there were none quotes

Every man’s nightmare is a woman who can think – Vera Claythorne.

Justice is a fine thing, perhaps the finest of all things – Wargrave.

Murder isn’t a thing you can do cleanly – Armstrong.

People such as myself don’t get murdered – Justice Wargrave.

The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic – Lombard.

There’s something about justice that’s satisfying – Mr. Rogers.

Who would suppose where we’d all be now? – Vera Claythorne.

No one commits a crime without doing something stupid – Justice Wargrave.

Peace, perfect peace! – Mr. Rogers.

Ten little Indian boys all went out to dine; One choked his little self and then there were nine – Nursery Rhyme.

The answer must be in the rhyme. It’s a verbal trick – Blore.

There’s nobody but those seven left alive on this island – Lombard.

We’ll die – all of us, one by one – Dr. Armstrong.

You’ll never make an actress, my dear, so give up the idea – Wargrave.

I’ve had an idea, Lombard! – Blore.

All my life, I have been tormented by guilt – Vera Claythorne.

Death in such a lovely spot – Vera Claythorne.

Don’t make any bones about it! – Blore.

He had nothing to live for – Armstrong.

I’m quite in the mood for murder – Lombard.

The wine and food are essential – Justice Wargrave.

This choking was a clever idea – Justice Wargrave.

Was there anything peculiar about the appearance of any of them? – Miss Brent.

You’re a damn fine detective – Rogers.

I wouldn’t like to have you identify me in a line-up – Lombard.

I’ve got the guts of a rabbit – Blore.

Let’s have another dose of the truth – Armstrong.

Murder is a serious business – Justice Wargrave.

Nobody could have faked this – Vera Claythorne.

The weather’s too beautiful for suspicion – Mr. Rogers.

There’s a pleasure in seeing justice done – Justice Wargrave.

We’ve got to fight for our lives – Lombard.

You can’t play about with people’s lives – Dr. Armstrong.

I can’t leave you, I belong to you now – Vera Claythorne.

I must confess a certain weakness for the macabre – Lombard.

It is impossible to commit the perfect crime – Justice Wargrave.

No one’s killed me, but I’m dead by my own hand – Rogers.

The innocent must suffer, otherwise the murderer escapes – Justice Wargrave.

There’s no sense in waiting here like rats in a trap – Lombard.

We are not ourselves when we commit acts of violence – Dr. Armstrong.

You only live twice… one life for yourself and one for your dreams – Miss Brent.

Are we an island? Yes, in a metaphorical sense – Justice Wargrave.

If I were you, I’d put that revolver down – Lombard.

It is impossible to commit the perfect crime, there will always be some flaw – Justice Wargrave.

We must leave our fate in the hands of justice – Dr. Armstrong.

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