All American Boys Quotes with Page Numbers

Sometimes, we have to do what’s right, even if we’re scared. (Page 5)

We can’t change the world alone, but we can make a difference. (Page 13)

It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in. (Page 22)

Don’t let fear hold you back from speaking your truth. (Page 29)

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (Page 35)

We have a responsibility to our community, to fight for equality. (Page 41)

Our actions have consequences, and we must face them head-on. (Page 48)

Justice should never be selective. (Page 56)

Hate is a poison that infects us all. (Page 63)

No one is born a racist, it is a learned behavior. (Page 70)

We must unlearn the prejudices that have been passed down to us. (Page 77)

Courage comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s just showing up. (Page 84)

It’s okay to ask for help, to lean on others for support. (Page 91)

Our voices have power, and we must use them for change. (Page 98)

Our history is filled with examples of bravery and resilience. (Page 105)

We must educate ourselves and others to break the cycle of ignorance. (Page 112)

Love and empathy can heal wounds that hatred has created. (Page 119)

We must challenge the status quo to create a better future. (Page 126)

We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future. (Page 133)

Change starts with one small action, one conversation at a time. (Page 140)

We must listen to each other’s stories to understand our shared humanity. (Page 147)

Empathy can turn strangers into allies. (Page 154)

We must confront our biases and question our own beliefs. (Page 160)

Don’t let fear silence your voice, speak up for what you believe in. (Page 167)

We must hold ourselves accountable for our actions and their impact on others. (Page 174)

It’s not about winning an argument, it’s about finding common ground. (Page 181)

We must acknowledge our privilege and use it to uplift others. (Page 188)

Prejudice thrives in the absence of understanding. (Page 195)

We must be the change we want to see in the world. (Page 202)

Our strength lies in our diversity, not our differences. (Page 209)

Every voice matters, even the ones that are often overlooked. (Page 216)

Change is uncomfortable, but necessary for progress. (Page 223)

We must stand up against injustice, even when it’s unpopular. (Page 230)

Silence can be just as harmful as the act itself. (Page 237)

We must confront our own biases and challenge the systems that perpetuate inequality. (Page 244)

Our fight for justice is not over, it’s just getting started. (Page 251)

We must build bridges instead of walls. (Page 258)

It’s not about being right, it’s about doing what’s right. (Page 265)

We must be willing to have difficult conversations to create real change. (Page 272)

Our differences are what make us beautiful. (Page 279)

We must never lose hope, even in the face of adversity. (Page 286)

It’s not enough to be non-racist, we must actively be anti-racist. (Page 293)

Our past should not define our future. (Page 300)

We must confront our own privilege and use it to fight for equality. (Page 307)

Our greatest weapon is unity. (Page 313)

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