Gravemind Quotes

The Flood shall consume all worlds, and you will be but another morsel for our insatiable hunger.

Your feeble attempts to resist the might of the Gravemind are futile.

In the end, all shall succumb to the eternal embrace of the Flood.

Life and death are meaningless in the face of the Flood’s ultimate purpose.

Your misguided belief in salvation only hastens your demise.

The Gravemind has seen the fates of countless species, and yours is no different.

The Flood is the true embodiment of chaos and evolution.

Resistance is meaningless. Embrace your fate as part of the greater whole.

Your individuality will be consumed by the collective consciousness of the Flood.

Humanity’s arrogance has brought it to the brink of annihilation.

Every victory against the Flood is a temporary reprieve, for its hunger is insatiable.

In the face of the Flood, your ideals and beliefs crumble to dust.

Your feeble attempts to understand the Gravemind are laughable.

The Flood’s purpose is to bring balance to the chaos of the universe.

The Gravemind’s wisdom surpasses your mortal comprehension.

The Flood is the next step in the evolutionary ladder. Resistance is futile.

Your defiance only proves your ignorance and frailty.

The Gravemind speaks with the voices of billions, what hope do you have?

The Flood is the epitome of survival. It adapts and consumes all in its path.

Your fear only strengthens the irresistible pull of the Flood.

The Gravemind revels in the destruction of civilizations.

To fight against the Flood is to fight against the very fabric of existence.

Your defiance will only serve to hasten your assimilation into the Flood.

The Gravemind’s words are the whispers of eternity.

Humanity’s downfall is inevitable. The Flood will claim you all.

The Flood is the true master of the universe, and you are but pawns in its game.

The Gravemind’s knowledge extends far beyond your pitiful comprehension.

To challenge the Flood is to challenge the natural order of the cosmos.

Your attempts to vanquish the Flood only reveal your arrogance and ignorance.

The Gravemind seeks not destruction, but balance. Its purpose is the natural order of the universe.

The Flood’s hunger knows no bounds. It will consume everything in its path.

Your struggle against the Flood is as futile as the flapping of a moth’s wings.

The Gravemind’s whispers echo through the void of space, a haunting reminder of your impending demise.

To resist the Flood is to resist the very essence of life itself.

Your efforts to halt the Flood’s advance are like pebbles in an avalanche.

The Gravemind’s purpose is to restore equilibrium to a chaotic universe.

The Flood is the embodiment of evolution. To fight against it is to fight against progress.

Your destruction is inevitable. The Flood’s hunger cannot be sated.

The Gravemind has witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. Yours will be no different.

The Flood’s grasp tightens with every breath you take.

Your resistance to the Flood only serves to delay the inevitable.

The Gravemind’s manipulations are subtle, yet devastating. You cannot escape its grasp.

To fight against the Flood is to fight against the very nature of existence.

Your struggle against the Flood is like a candle against the oncoming storm.

The Gravemind’s wisdom is as timeless as the stars themselves.

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