Best Donkey Quotes and Sayings from Shrek

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  • A donkey may carry a ton, but he won’t brag about it.
  • Don’t let the stubbornness of a donkey stop you from achieving your dreams.
  • You can lead a donkey to water, but you can’t make him drink.
  • Even a donkey knows when to bray.
  • Don’t judge a donkey by its bray.
  • A donkey’s work is never done.
  • Donkeys may be slow, but they’re steady and reliable.
  • Don’t be an ass like a donkey.
  • A donkey is a loyal and hardworking companion.
  • A donkey’s kick can be powerful, so don’t underestimate them.
  • The weight of the world can feel like a load on a donkey’s back.
  • If you’re feeling stubborn, just remember, you’re not a donkey.
  • Donkeys are humble creatures who never seek the spotlight.
  • Don’t be a jackass, be a donkey.
  • A donkey is a symbol of patience and perseverance.
  • When life gives you a tough road to travel, be a donkey and keep moving forward.
  • Don’t be a one-trick pony, be a multi-talented donkey.
  • Donkeys may not be the fastest, but they’ll get you there eventually.
  • Donkeys are like onions, they have many layers of depth.
  • When you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world, be a donkey and take it one step at a time.
  • The best lessons come from life’s humble donkeys.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a donkey in a world full of horses.
  • A donkey’s loyalty is unwavering.
  • Donkeys are strong, but they still need love and care.
  • A donkey’s bray may be annoying, but it’s just their way of saying hello.
  • Don’t judge a donkey by its ears.

Saying from Funny Animal

  • A donkey’s true value is in its hard work and reliability.
  • When you’re feeling down, a donkey’s warm and friendly nature can lift you up.
  • A donkey’s strength lies in its steady and consistent pace.
  • Even a donkey knows the value of taking a break.
  • Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a donkey.
  • A donkey’s willingness to work hard is an inspiration to us all.
  • Donkeys may not be the most glamorous animals, but they are some of the most dependable.
  • Donkeys are a reminder to take things slow and steady.
  • A donkey’s calm and gentle nature can soothe even the most troubled soul.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little bit stubborn like a donkey when it comes to standing up for what you believe in.
  • A donkey’s patience is a virtue that we should all aspire to.
  • Don’t be too quick to judge a donkey, they may surprise you with their capabilities.
  • Donkeys are the unsung heroes of the animal kingdom.
  • A donkey’s endurance is unmatched, reminding us to keep pushing through even the toughest of challenges.
  • Donkeys are a symbol of resilience and determination.
  • A donkey’s friendly demeanor can make even the grumpiest of people smile.
  • A donkey never forgets its roots.
  • As stubborn as a mule, er, donkey.
  • Don’t underestimate the strength of a donkey.
  • Donkeys may be small, but they have big personalities.
  • Even a donkey can have a heart of gold.
  • Hee-haw, hee-haw, happy as a donkey.
  • I’m not just a jackass, I’m a donkey with character.
  • Life’s too short to not appreciate the simple things, like a donkey’s bray.
  • Once you go donkey, you never go back.

Motivational Quotes from the Shrek

  • Proud to be a donkey, braying loud and clear.
  • Some call me stubborn, I call it persistence.
  • The donkey may not be the fastest, but it’s steady and reliable.
  • The world could use more kindness, and donkeys know how to give it.
  • When life gives you hay, be grateful like a donkey.
  • Who needs a horse when you have a trusty donkey?
  • You can lead a donkey to water, but you can’t make it drink…unless it’s thirsty.
  • Don’t judge a donkey by its ears.
  • Donkeys: the unsung heroes of the farm.
  • Ears to the ground, eyes on the prize, that’s the donkey way.
  • I’m a jack of all trades, and a donkey of all burdens.
  • Let’s all take a page out of the donkey’s book and work hard, but also take time to enjoy life.
  • Mighty things come in small packages, like the donkey.
  • My bark is worse than my bite, just like a donkey’s bray.
  • Never underestimate a donkey’s loyalty and devotion.
  • Not all heroes wear capes, some wear bridles and harnesses.
  • On the outside, I may look like a jackass, but on the inside, I’m a fierce protector.
  • Patience is a virtue, and donkeys have it in spades.
  • Sometimes the smallest creatures have the biggest impact, like the donkey.
  • The donkey may not be the king of the jungle, but it’s the king of its own destiny.
  • We could all learn a thing or two from the humble donkey.
  • You can’t keep a good donkey down.
  • A donkey’s bray is music to my ears.

Fairy Proverb

  • Be like a donkey and stay grounded, even in the face of chaos.
  • Donkeys know how to take a load off, and so should we.
  • Every donkey has its day.
  • I may be small, but I’m mighty, just like a donkey.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel when you have a donkey to pull the cart.
  • The donkey’s bray is like a beacon of hope.
  • Why ride a horse when you can ride a donkey?
  • You can’t help but smile when you see a happy donkey.
  • Stubborn as a mule? More like a donkey!
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a kick from a donkey.
  • Donkeys may be small, but they sure are mighty.
  • If life’s got you down, take a page from a donkey’s book and keep on plodding.
  • A donkey may not be the fastest, but it’s steady and reliable.
  • Don’t put all your hay in one basket.
  • Don’t be a jackass—treat others with kindness and respect.
  • When life gives you burrs, just keep on moving.
  • A donkey’s ears are always open—listen to what the world has to say.
  • Sometimes the quietest animal in the field has the most to say.
  • A donkey’s bray can brighten anyone’s day.
  • Donkeys may be stubborn, but they also know what they want.
  • Donkeys may not be the most glamorous animals, but they’re always dependable.
  • Don’t overlook the little guy—the donkey has a big heart.
  • Sometimes it takes a gentle nudge to get things moving.
  • Donkeys never forget—neither should you.
  • When the going gets tough, it’s the donkey who keeps going.
  • A donkey may seem unremarkable, but it’s often the quiet hero of the story.

FAQ Best Donkey Quotes

What iconic line does Shrek use to explain ogres to Donkey in the DreamWorks movie, involving a comparison to another vegetable?

“Ogres are like onions. They have layers.”

In “Shrek 2,” what humorous moment involves Puss in Boots and his admiration for the scenery, which includes a particular geological feature?

“Donkey, check this out. Now, I’m a flying, talking donkey! You might have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but I bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly! Ha, ha! Oh-oh.”

During their adventurous journey to rescue Princess Fiona, what do Shrek and Donkey plan to do at night, as expressed in one of the memorable Shrek quotes?

“After a day of swapping manly stories, Shrek says they can make waffles and stay up late.”

In the first Shrek movie, released in 2001, how does Shrek explain his complex nature to Donkey, using a food analogy?

“Shrek tells Donkey that ogres are like onions, they have layers.”

What does Donkey exclaim when Shrek first describes the quest to rescue Princess Fiona in a dark and rainy setting?

“This’ll be fun! It’ll be better than fun! We’ll be rescuing a princess!”

What endearing phrase does Donkey use in the Shrek franchise when he is excited about staying with Shrek, specifically related to a breakfast item?

“I’m making waffles!”

What caution does Shrek give Donkey about the challenges of their adventure in “Shrek Forever After”, referencing his dental hygiene in a humorous manner?

“Morning… You definitely need some Tic Tacs or something, ’cause your breath stinks!”

What does Donkey say when he admires a particular rock feature in Shrek’s swamp, highlighting one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest lines?

“That’s a nice boulder.”

In the Shrek movies, how does Lord Farquaad’s obsession with perfection affect his kingdom’s appearance, contrasting with the natural setting of the swamp?

Lord Farquaad obsessively designs Duloc to be perfectly orderly and clean, in stark contrast to Shrek’s messy, natural swamp.

What sweet exchange occurs between Shrek and Fiona that encapsulates their fairy tale romance, making it one of the best Shrek quotes?

“Fiona says to Shrek, ‘I love you,’ and Shrek replies, ‘I love you more.’ They both smile, realizing their true love’s dream has come true.”

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