Coward Ghosting Quotes

Ghosting is the coward’s way of saying goodbye.

Real ghosts haunt houses, not hearts.

Ghosting is the modern-day equivalent of disappearing into thin air.

If you’re going to ghost someone, at least have the courage to say goodbye.

Love may be scary, but ghosting is scarier.

Ghosting is for the weak, real love requires strength.

A ghosting heart will always be haunted by guilt.

Ghosting is the ultimate betrayal of trust.

In the game of love, ghosting is the ultimate forfeit.

Ghosting is like vanishing into the abyss of emotional cowardice.

A ghosting heart is a heart without empathy.

Ghosting only prolongs the pain, it doesn’t make it disappear.

When you ghost someone, you leave no room for closure.

Ghosting is a cowardly act that leaves deep scars.

The ghost of your love lingers, even after you’ve disappeared.

Ghosting is the act of running away from love, instead of facing it.

A true love story doesn’t involve ghosting.

Ghosting is a silent scream for attention.

Ghosting is the act of leaving someone in the dark, both figuratively and literally.

Ghosts may be invisible, but the pain they cause is real.

Ghosting is the act of pressing delete on a heart.

Don’t be a ghost, be a presence in someone’s life.

Ghosting is a crutch for those who are afraid of commitment.

Ghosting is the act of vanishing like a puff of smoke.

In the end, the ghoster is haunted by their own actions.

Ghosting is the act of disappearing without a trace, leaving only questions behind.

Ghosting is the ultimate act of emotional immaturity.

When you ghost, you leave behind a ghost of the person you used to be.

Ghosting is the easy way out, but it’s not the right way.

Ghosting may be painless for the ghost, but it’s excruciating for the haunted.

Ghosting is the act of erasing someone from your life, like a deleted file.

Ghosting is like leaving a scar that can’t be seen, but is always felt.

Ghosting is a cruel form of abandonment.

When you ghost, you turn love into a horror story.

Ghosting is the art of breaking hearts without leaving a trace.

Ghosting speaks volumes about your character, and none of them are good.

Ghosting is the act of disappearing like a mirage in the desert.

When you ghost, you become a character in someone else’s tragedy.

Ghosting is the act of ending a relationship without a single word.

Ghosting is a rejection that cuts deeper than any knife.

When you ghost, you become a shadow in someone’s memory.

Ghosting is the epitome of emotional avoidance.

Ghosting is the act of running away from love, instead of running towards it.

When you ghost, you become a phantom in someone’s heart.

Ghosting is the act of disappearing, but the pain it leaves behind is all too real.

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