Watermelon Sayings

  1. Life is sweet, just like watermelon.
  2. You’re one in a melon.
  3. Sweet on the inside and out, just like a watermelon.
  4. Watermelon smiles all around.
  5. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy watermelon and that’s pretty close.
  6. Keep calm and eat watermelon.
  7. Slice of summer.
  8. The ultimate thirst quencher.
  9. Watermelon: the perfect summer snack.
  10. A watermelon a day keeps the doctor away.
  11. You can’t be sad while holding a watermelon.
  12. Juicy, refreshing and oh so delicious!
  13. Watermelon season is the best season.
  14. Watermelon: summer’s little miracle.
  15. Life is short, eat the watermelon.
  16. Keep calm and eat more watermelon.
  17. Seedless, sweet and simply amazing.
  18. The sweet taste of summer.
  19. One bite and you’ll be hooked.
  20. Watermelon: the fruit of the summer gods.
  21. The perfect picnic snack.
  22. Stay cool and eat watermelon.
  23. The ultimate summer fruit.
  24. Happiness is a cold slice of watermelon.
  25. Sweet, juicy and full of flavor.
  26. Watermelon: nature’s candy.
  27. The taste of summer in every bite.
  28. The official fruit of summer.
  29. Summer just got sweeter.
  30. The only thing better than a watermelon is more watermelon.
  31. Watermelon: the epitome of summer.
  32. Thirsty? Eat watermelon!
  33. Nothing says summer like watermelon.
  34. A watermelon a day keeps the summer heat at bay.
  35. Life is short, eat more watermelon.
  36. Sweetness overload.
  37. Watermelon: the fruit that brings people together.
  38. Refreshingly delicious.
  39. Summer’s juicy delight.
  40. The best part of summer in one fruit.
  41. Eat, drink, and be watermelon.
  42. The perfect fruit for any occasion.
  43. Watermelon: a slice of heaven.
  44. You can’t go wrong with watermelon.
  45. A fruit fit for a king or queen.
  46. Summertime and the watermelon is easy.
  47. Sweet dreams are made of watermelon.
  48. In a world full of apples, be a watermelon.
  49. Watermelon: a fruit that never disappoints.
  50. Juicy and sweet, just like life.
  51. Watermelon: the king of fruits.
  52. Take a slice and enjoy the sweetness.
  53. Cool off with some watermelon.
  54. Watermelon: the perfect poolside snack.
  55. Good vibes and watermelon slices.
  56. The fruit that screams summer.
  57. Watermelon: a treat for all the senses.
  58. Perfectly pink and delicious.
  59. So refreshing, you’ll forget it’s summer.
  60. The fruit that makes every day feel like a vacation.
  61. Watermelon: the fruit that’s always in season.
  62. The perfect balance of sweet and juicy.
  63. The taste of summer in every bite.
  64. When life gives you watermelons, make lemonade.
  65. The ultimate summer fruit salad ingredient.
  66. Watermelon: the perfect cure for a bad day.
  67. Sweet and succulent, just like you.
  68. Watermelon: the ultimate thirst quencher.
  69. Get your daily dose of sweetness with watermelon.
  70. Watermelon: the fruit that keeps on giving.
  71. There’s always room for watermelon.
  72. A juicy way to beat the heat.
  73. Watermelon: the fruit that brings joy.
  74. One slice at a time.
  75. Life is sweeter with watermelon.
  76. Make a splash with watermelon.
  77. Summer’s favorite fruit.
  78. Bite into summer with watermelon.
  79. Life is short, eat the watermelon.
  80. Keep calm and eat watermelon.
  81. Watermelon: it’s a lifestyle.
  82. Good vibes and juicy watermelon.
  83. Watermelon: the ultimate thirst quencher.
  84. You’re one in a melon!
  85. Keep calm and eat watermelon.
  86. Watermelon is the flavor of summer.
  87. When life gives you watermelon, make a feast!
  88. I’m feeling a little melon-choly today.
  89. Watermelon: the official fruit of summer.
  90. Juicy, sweet, and refreshing: the perfect watermelon.
  91. Watermelon is the king of summer snacks.
  92. Life is short, eat the watermelon.
  93. Watermelon: the ultimate thirst quencher.
  94. Slice of heaven: watermelon edition.
  95. Watermelon: the fruit that brings people together.
  96. Summer is incomplete without watermelon.
  97. Sweeter than a watermelon smile.
  98. Watermelon: the fruit of happiness.
  99. Don’t be afraid to make a mess with your watermelon.
  100. The more you eat watermelon, the more you love it!

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