Spiderman Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

With great power comes great responsibility… and the ability to do your laundry in record time.

Spidey senses tingling… must be time for a selfie!

I’m not just a web-slinger, I’m also a great party guest. Just remember to invite my alter ego, Peter Parker too.

Spiderman doesn’t need a cape, he’s got his web-swinging skills and a killer sense of fashion.

My favorite superhero power? The ability to find a parking spot in New York City.

I could save the world, but first, let me take a nap.

Spiderman’s workout routine: climbing walls, defeating villains, and eating all the pizza in sight.

Who needs a sidekick when you have the entire Marvel universe on your speed dial?

Villains beware! Spiderman is here to make terrible puns and save the day.

Sometimes I feel like a web-slinging therapist. Just call me Spidey the Listener.

Being a superhero is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it… and look good doing it.

Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, especially when it’s pizza night.

The secret to my web-slinging success? A well-stocked supply of caffeine and a big sense of humor.

I may have a mask, but my sarcastic comments give away my secret identity.

When life gives you lemons, throw them at your enemies and swing away.

I’ve got the moves like Jagger… and the webslinging skills of Spiderman.

Why settle for friendly neighborhood when you can be the friendly universe-saving hero?

Eating my vegetables never seemed so appealing until I realized it gave me the strength to stop supervillains.

Spiderman tip #1: Never wear white after Labor Day. It’s too hard to keep clean while fighting crime.

The great thing about being a superhero is that you can always blame your late arrival on traffic.

If only my spider-sense could warn me about awkward social situations.

Daytime: mild-mannered photographer. Nighttime: web-slinging superhero. Midnight: snacking on Aunt May’s famous chocolate chip cookies.

When you’re swinging from skyscrapers, it’s hard to keep your hair looking camera-ready… but I manage.

Sometimes I wonder if I have a superhero equivalent of ‘dad jokes’… Spider jokes, maybe?

I may be able to stick to walls, but I can’t seem to find my keys half the time.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than the wind in my hair as I swing through the city… except for a perfectly timed one-liner, of course.

Spiderman fact: I don’t have a personal shopping assistant, but I can land a sweet deal on Web-Tech.

If only I could use my web-slinging abilities to catch some Pokémon too… I’d be unstoppable.

I tried to start a Spiderman fan club, but everyone got tangled up in the membership cards.

Web-slinging is like a rollercoaster ride, except without the long lines and cotton candy.

I may not have a cape, but I’ve got a mean wardrobe full of spandex suits.

Even superheroes have to do the laundry… but with my web-slinging skills, it’s a breeze.

I’m not just a superhero. I’m also a master of the dance floor… or at least that’s what Mary Jane says.

My secret to staying fit? Web-slinging cardio and a cheat day dedicated to New York-style pizza.

If Spiderman accidentally gets stuck to himself with his webs, does that make him a web-sicle?

Superpowers are great and all, but have you ever tried Aunt May’s homemade apple pie?

Just because I’m a superhero doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good cat video on the internet.

Spiderman fashion tip: nothing accessorizes a black and red suit better than a dash of webbing.

I’m a superhero by night, but a DIY enthusiast by day. Wallpapering gets a lot easier when you can climb walls.

Why capture the bad guys when you can just invite them over for a friendly poker game?

Villains, beware! Spiderman’s webs aren’t the only thing sticky about him… his sense of humor is too.

Spiderman’s biggest fear? Running out of web fluid during rush hour.

Crime-fighting is my superpower, but binge-watching Netflix is definitely a close second.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer… and your smartphone with the latest Avengers game closest of all.

Who needs a romantic dinner by candlelight when you can swing from webs under the moonlight?

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