MF DOOM Quotes – Wisdom from the Legendary Rapper

It’s like I’m nice with the dice, but the game is rigged.

Rap is not pop, if you call it that, then stop.

Life is a gamble, it’s all about taking risks.

I’m super bad like the movies, staying under cover.

I’m a villain with a mic, words are my weapon.

Every rhyme is a puzzle piece, fitting together perfectly.

I’m the king of the underground, ruling with my rhymes.

I don’t follow trends, I set them.

My flow is so cold, it’ll freeze your mind.

I’m the lyrical mastermind, painting pictures with my words.

I wear the mask to hide my true identity, but my words reveal my soul.

I’m a wordsmith, crafting rhymes with precision.

I’m the man with the iron mask, my rhymes are my armor.

I’m the rhyme scientist, experimenting with words.

I stay underground, where the real hip-hop lives.

My flow is smooth like butter, melting your ears.

I’m the lyrical wizard, casting spells with my words.

I’m the rap game’s deep cover, staying hidden but always present.

My rhymes are explosive, like a detonator.

I’m the rap game’s Shakespeare, crafting poetry with my rhymes.

I’m the rhyme architect, building verses that resonate.

I’m the rap game’s enigma, always leaving you guessing.

I’m the rhyme assassin, killing beats with my words.

I’m the flow commander, leading the charge with my verses.

I’m the rap game’s sorcerer, casting spells with my rhymes.

I’m the rhyme magician, making words disappear and reappear.

I’m the rap game’s prophet, predicting the future with my words.

I’m the rhyme alchemist, transforming words into gold.

I’m the rap game’s architect, building verses that stand the test of time.

I’m the lyrical master, bending words to my will.

I’m the rhyme warrior, battling with words as my weapon.

I’m the rap game’s pariah, always on the outside looking in.

I’m the rhyme maestro, conducting symphonies with my verses.

I’m the rap game’s anomaly, never conforming to the norm.

I’m the rhyme connoisseur, savoring each word like fine wine.

I’m the rap game’s prodigy, born with a gift for words.

I’m the rhyme sensei, teaching the art of wordplay.

I’m the rap game’s virtuoso, playing the mic like a musical instrument.

I’m the rhyme philosopher, pondering the depths of existence with my words.

I’m the rap game’s recluse, hiding in plain sight.

I’m the rhyme architect, constructing verses that transcend time.

I’m the rap game’s oracle, revealing the truth through my words.

I’m the rhyme professor, educating the masses with my verses.

I’m the rap game’s outlaw, always breaking the rules.

I’m the rhyme narrator, telling stories with my words.

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