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FAQ Best Quotes from The Super Mario
  • It’s-a me, Mario!
  • Let’s-a go!
  • Mamma mia!
  • Here we go!
  • It’s time to save the princess!
  • Yahoo!
  • I’m-a Luigi, number one!
  • Wa-hoo!
  • Game on!
  • I’m-a gonna win!
  • Jump man!
  • It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!
  • Sorry-a Bowser, but your princess is in another castle!
  • Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!
  • Don’t worry-a, be happy!
  • The princess is counting on us!
  • Mama mia, that’s-a spicy meatball!
  • You-a gotta move fast to catch-a me!

Mario Quotes

  • I’ll-a be back!
  • It’s-a me, Wario!
  • I’m-a gonna win!
  • It’s-a not over yet!
  • Let’s-a do this!
  • Keep calm and-a play Mario!
  • Let’s-a race!
  • It’s-a not easy being green.
  • I got-a you now, Bowser!
  • It’s-a the final countdown!
  • You’re-a my favorite player!
  • I’m-a the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • I’m-a the best, don’t you forget it!
  • The power of Mario compels you!
  • This game is-a just getting started!
  • I’m-a gonna make-a you proud, Princess!

Quotes from The Super Mario

  • It’s-a a me, Mario, and I’m-a here to save the day!
  • Time to kick some Koopa butt!
  • I’m-a too hot to handle!
  • You can’t-a stop me!
  • I’m-a the best player in the game!
  • The princess is-a worth fighting for!
  • I’m-a so cool, I make ice look warm!
  • This game is-a my playground!
  • Don’t mess with-a the Mario!
  • Let’s-a get this party started!
  • I’m-a the king of the castle!
  • No one can-a stop me now!
  • It’s-a not over till it’s-a over!
  • I’m-a on a roll!
  • The power of the mushroom compels you!
  • It’s-a me, Mario, and I’m-a here to save the day again!
  • I’m-a not scared of Bowser!
  • Let’s-a make it to the finish line!
  • I’m-a unstoppable!
  • The power of the stars is with me!
  • It’s-a all about strategy!
  • I’m-a the ultimate gamer!
  • Let’s-a do this thing!

Mario Brothers Sayings

  • It’s-a-a bird, it’s-a me, Mario!
  • I’m-a the greatest plumber in the world!
  • I’m-a here to help!
  • I’m-a the chosen one!
  • I’m-a gonna win with style!
  • I’m-a so good, I could do this blindfolded!
  • It’s-a not the size of the mushroom, it’s-a how you use it!
  • I’m-a not just a plumber, I’m-a a hero!
  • I’m-a not afraid of Goombas!
  • It’s-a me, Mario!
  • Here we go!
  • Let’s-a go!
  • Mamma mia!
  • So long-a, Bowser!
  • It’s-a not over ’til-a the fat lady sings!
  • It’s-a time to jump up in the air!
  • Welcome to the Mario Party!
  • Yahoo!
  • I’m-a ready!
  • It’s-a time to save the princess!
  • I’ll-a do my best!
  • You’re-a my best-a friend!
  • It’s-a time to use the power-up!

Super Mario Bros

  • Let’s-a race!
  • Wah-ha!
  • It’s-a dangerous to go alone!
  • It’s-a me, Luigi!
  • Don’t worry, I got this!
  • I’m-a feeling lucky!
  • Let’s-a make-a some pasta!
  • It’s-a time to make-a some pizza!
  • Let’s-a play some games!
  • It’s-a party time!
  • Let’s-a go on an adventure!
  • It’s-a time to power up!
  • It’s-a time to take on Bowser!
  • Let’s-a find those coins!
  • It’s-a time to save the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Let’s-a go to the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Wahoo!
  • Mama mia, that’s-a spicy meatball!
  • It’s-a time to race to the finish line!
  • Let’s-a make some magic happen!

FAQ Best Quotes from The Super Mario

Why is Princess Peach a significant character in the Nintendo franchise?

Princess Peach is a prominent character in the Nintendo gaming universe, often recognized as the damsel in distress in the “Mario and Luigi” series, where she gets captured by the villain, Bowser, and Mario, often with Luigi, sets out to rescue her.

How did the relationship between Mario and Donkey Kong evolve in the Nintendo video games?

Mario first appeared as a character named “Jumpman” in the game “Donkey Kong,” where he was trying to save a damsel (not Princess Peach) from the titular ape, Donkey Kong. Over the years, while Mario went on to become the face of Nintendo with his own series, Donkey Kong also got his spin-offs and became less of an antagonist, even co-starring with Mario in some games.

Do you recall any hilarious movie quotes associated with video game adaptations or related advertising?

Yeah, video game adaptations often have memorable lines. For instance, in the Super Mario Bros. movie set in Brooklyn, there’s a quirky dialogue involving Mario and Luigi discussing their adventures, and Mario says, “I’ve always been a plumber, and-a-Luigi, we’ve been through weirder things, remember the time with the turtle and the hat?” It’s not an exact quote from the movie but captures the essence of mixing real world elements with video game lore.

Who voices Mario in most of the video games and is known for the catchphrase “It’s-a me, Mario!”?

Charles Martinet is the iconic voice behind Mario and is well-known for the catchphrase “It’s-a me, Mario!” He has voiced the character in numerous video games throughout the years.

What is the role of pipes in Mario’s universe?

Pipes are a significant element in Mario’s universe. They often serve as transportation portals, leading Mario to different parts of the game world, and sometimes they are used by Mario, who in some lore is a plumber, to unclog and navigate. It’s amusing to say he uses his clogs to unclog!

What outfit is Mario usually seen wearing in the video games?

Mario is typically seen wearing a red hat with an ‘M’ emblem, a red shirt, blue overalls, white gloves, and brown shoes. He also sports a distinct mustache.

In recent adaptations and announcements, who is set to voice Mario and other video game characters in the upcoming “Super Mario” movie by Illumination?

Chris Pratt is set to voice Mario, Jack Black will voice Bowser, Charlie Day will take on the role of Luigi, and Keegan-Michael Key will voice Toad in the upcoming movie by Illumination.

Considering the debate by two fans about two sports, which Nintendo character said, “I’m-a said soccer is better than tennis, bro!”?

That sounds like a playful dialogue Mario might say, especially using “I’m-a said” which is reminiscent of his iconic way of speaking. Although this might not be from any official Nintendo game, it captures the essence of the character.

How has Amazon contributed to the gaming culture or the promotion of video game characters like Mario?

Amazon, as one of the largest online retailers, has been instrumental in distributing video games, consoles, and merchandise related to gaming characters, including Mario. They’ve often had exclusive deals, special editions, and they’ve played a role in advertising and promoting games and related paraphernalia.

What is Mario’s last name, and how does it relate to his first name?

Mario’s full name is actually Mario Mario. Similarly, his brother, Luigi’s full name is Luigi Mario. This fun fact is from the “Super Mario Bros.” movie and has since become a quirky piece of trivia among fans.

Who is Cranky Kong in relation to the famous character Donkey Kong?

Cranky Kong is often portrayed as the older version or the original Donkey Kong from the earlier arcade games. As time has progressed in the gaming universe, he’s assumed the role of a somewhat grouchy elder, offering humorous commentary and sometimes advice to the younger generation.

When someone says, “He’s got nothing on Bowser’s challenges,” what are they implying about the difficulty level?

The statement suggests that while some challenges or adversaries might seem tough, they don’t compare to the complexity or difficulty presented by Bowser’s challenges in the Mario games.

In a casual conversation between Mario and Luigi, if Mario said, “That’s okay, and-a-Luigi, that’s right, always comes to our rescue, dear brother,” what sentiment is he expressing?

Mario is acknowledging and appreciating Luigi’s consistent support and assistance. He’s expressing gratitude and affection towards his brother, highlighting the bond they share.

If someone mentioned they were “forced to listen to a debate about two sports,” what might they be conveying about the experience?

They are suggesting that they didn’t have a choice in the matter and perhaps found the debate uninteresting or not to their taste.

When someone offers, “Giving me advice on platforming challenges is like teaching Cranky Kong to throw barrels,” what do they mean?

The person is humorously implying that they’re already well-versed in platforming challenges, just as Cranky Kong is famously known for throwing barrels in the classic Donkey Kong games. The advice, in this context, might be seen as unnecessary.

How often do Mario and-a-Luigi team up in the Nintendo games?

Mario and-a-Luigi often collaborate in numerous Nintendo titles, especially in the “Mario & Luigi” series where they embark on adventures together, showcasing their brotherly bond and combined skills.

When someone interjects with “uh” before saying “and-a-Luigi,” what might they be indicating?

The “uh” is typically used as a hesitation or a filler word. In this context, it might suggest that the person is either recalling Luigi’s name or perhaps emphasizing it in a playful or thoughtful manner.

Can you name an event where a debate about two sports would be as intense as the rivalry between Mario and-and-a-Luigi?

One such event could be the debate between fans of football (soccer) and American football during major tournaments like the FIFA World Cup or the Super Bowl. Just as Mario and-and-a-Luigi have their playful competitive moments, fans of these two sports can become quite passionate when discussing the merits of their favorite sport.

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