Iconic Mario Brothers Quotes 2023 – 2024

  • It’s-a me, Mario!
  • Let’s-a go!
  • Mamma mia!
  • Here we go!
  • It’s time to save the princess!
  • Yahoo!
  • I’m-a Luigi, number one!
  • Wa-hoo!
  • Game on!
  • I’m-a gonna win!
  • Jump man!
  • It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!
  • Sorry-a Bowser, but your princess is in another castle!
  • Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!
  • Don’t worry-a, be happy!
  • The princess is counting on us!
  • Mama mia, that’s-a spicy meatball!
  • You-a gotta move fast to catch-a me!

Mario Quotes 

  • I’ll-a be back!
  • It’s-a me, Wario!
  • I’m-a gonna win!
  • It’s-a not over yet!
  • Let’s-a do this!
  • Keep calm and-a play Mario!
  • Let’s-a race!
  • It’s-a not easy being green.
  • I got-a you now, Bowser!
  • It’s-a the final countdown!
  • You’re-a my favorite player!
  • I’m-a the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • I’m-a the best, don’t you forget it!
  • The power of Mario compels you!
  • This game is-a just getting started!
  • I’m-a gonna make-a you proud, Princess!

Famous Quotes from The Super Mario

  • It’s-a a me, Mario, and I’m-a here to save the day!
  • Time to kick some Koopa butt!
  • I’m-a too hot to handle!
  • You can’t-a stop me!
  • I’m-a the best player in the game!
  • The princess is-a worth fighting for!
  • I’m-a so cool, I make ice look warm!
  • This game is-a my playground!
  • Don’t mess with-a the Mario!
  • Let’s-a get this party started!
  • I’m-a the king of the castle!
  • No one can-a stop me now!
  • It’s-a not over till it’s-a over!
  • I’m-a on a roll!
  • The power of the mushroom compels you!
  • It’s-a me, Mario, and I’m-a here to save the day again!
  • I’m-a not scared of Bowser!
  • Let’s-a make it to the finish line!
  • I’m-a unstoppable!
  • The power of the stars is with me!
  • It’s-a all about strategy!
  • I’m-a the ultimate gamer!
  • Let’s-a do this thing!

Mario Brothers Sayings 2023 – 2024

  • It’s-a-a bird, it’s-a me, Mario!
  • I’m-a the greatest plumber in the world!
  • I’m-a here to help!
  • I’m-a the chosen one!
  • I’m-a gonna win with style!
  • I’m-a so good, I could do this blindfolded!
  • It’s-a not the size of the mushroom, it’s-a how you use it!
  • I’m-a not just a plumber, I’m-a a hero!
  • I’m-a not afraid of Goombas!
  • It’s-a me, Mario!
  • Here we go!
  • Let’s-a go!
  • Mamma mia!
  • So long-a, Bowser!
  • It’s-a not over ’til-a the fat lady sings!
  • It’s-a time to jump up in the air!
  • Welcome to the Mario Party!
  • Yahoo!
  • I’m-a ready!
  • It’s-a time to save the princess!
  • I’ll-a do my best!
  • You’re-a my best-a friend!
  • It’s-a time to use the power-up!

Super Mario Bros Movie Quotes

  • Let’s-a race!
  • Wah-ha!
  • It’s-a dangerous to go alone!
  • It’s-a me, Luigi!
  • Don’t worry, I got this!
  • I’m-a feeling lucky!
  • Let’s-a make-a some pasta!
  • It’s-a time to make-a some pizza!
  • Let’s-a play some games!
  • It’s-a party time!
  • Let’s-a go on an adventure!
  • It’s-a time to power up!
  • It’s-a time to take on Bowser!
  • Let’s-a find those coins!
  • It’s-a time to save the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Let’s-a go to the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Wahoo!
  • Mama mia, that’s-a spicy meatball!
  • It’s-a time to race to the finish line!
  • Let’s-a make some magic happen!

FAQ Best Quotes from The Super Mario

What role does Princess Peach play in the Nintendo video game series involving Mario and Luigi?

Princess Peach is often portrayed as the damsel in distress in the Nintendo video game series, where she is frequently kidnapped by Bowser, prompting Mario and Luigi to embark on adventurous quests through various worlds to rescue her.

How has Toad’s character been depicted across the Nintendo video games featuring Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach?

Toad is characterized as a loyal attendant to Princess Peach and a helpful ally to Mario and Luigi. He often provides assistance and information to aid them on their quests, sometimes even taking on a playable role in games like “New Super Mario Bros.”

What is the historical significance of Donkey Kong in the development of Nintendo video games featuring characters like Mario and Princess Peach?

Donkey Kong marks one of Nintendo’s first major successes in video gaming, originally featuring Mario as a character who must rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of the titular ape. This game laid the groundwork for the development of the Mario franchise and the introduction of other characters like Princess Peach in subsequent titles.

What is Mario’s first name, and how is it used across various Mario video games?

Mario’s first name is simply Mario. In the world of Nintendo games, he is frequently referred to only by this first name, particularly in titles like “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario World.”

In “Super Mario 64,” how does the relationship between Mario and Princess Toadstool develop, compared to earlier games?

In “Super Mario 64,” the relationship between Mario and Princess Toadstool (also known as Princess Peach in later games) is depicted with greater depth, showcasing a stronger narrative focus. Mario’s quest to rescue her from Bowser’s grasp adds emotional weight and character development that were less pronounced in earlier titles.

How does the character Cranky Kong from the Mario series relate to the other game characters in terms of backstory, particularly in “Mario Party Superstars”?

Cranky Kong is portrayed as the original Donkey Kong who battled Mario in the 1981 arcade game. Over the years, Cranky has evolved into a more comedic, cantankerous figure in titles like “Mario Party Superstars,” often reminiscing about the “good old days” and mocking the newer generations of characters.

Can you share a favorite quote from any Super Mario game that reflects the theme of adventure?

A memorable quote from “Mario 3D World” reflects the adventurous spirit of the series: “Love really makes a guy come out of his shell,” humorously said by Mario in a moment of triumph, encapsulating how the adventures in the games often revolve around relationships and rescuing friends.

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