Laughing with Birds – Hilarious Quotes that Will Make Your Feathers Ruffle!

I’m not bird-brained, I’m just full of ideas!

Why did the bird go to the hospital? To get beakfast!

I once saw a bird playing Hide and Tweet!

I’m so good at bird impressions, I could make a feather fly!

I always feel fly when I’m hanging out with birds!

Birds may have feathers, but they’re not afraid to ruffle them!

What did the bird say at the end of the day? Nite-tweet!

If birds had a motto, it would be ‘Tweet, tweet, tweet till you can’t tweet no more!’

Don’t flock away, birds; I’m just winging it!

Birds may be small, but they have a big ‘tweet’!

Why don’t birds get lost? They always have their ‘wing’span handy!

Birds don’t need a compass, they have a built-in ‘tweet navigation’ system!

Birds always have a bird’s-eye view of life!

What do birds say after a long flight? ‘I’m ravenously hungry!’

Why are birds so good at math? They always ‘crow’s-calculate!

Birds are the original ‘wing’man!

Why did the bird always carry a pencil? To ‘tweet’ with!

What did the musical bird say? ‘I’m hummingbird a tune!’

Birds love a good ‘feather’ party!

Birds always know when it’s time to ‘tweet’ out!

Birds fly high, but their sense of humor is even higher!

What did the bird say to the worm? Quit ‘squirming’ and join the party!

Birds don’t do windows, it messes up their ‘tweet’ view!

Why did the bird love being in a band? They always struck the right ‘chord’!

Birds are so ‘fly’ they could give Superman a run for his money!

What’s a bird’s favorite type of music? Beak-beat!

Birds may have wings, but they don’t take life too ‘fly’ — they just wing it!

Why do birds make great comedians? They always ‘crack’ up their audience!

Birds know the best places to ‘tweet’ — right from the ‘beak-on’!

Don’t be ‘feather-brained’, birds are full of wisdom!

Birds know how to have a good ‘feathers’rave!

What’s a bird’s favorite thing to read? ‘Feathers’ Digest!

Why did the bird go to the spa? To get a ‘tweet’ment!

Birds may not have thumbs, but that doesn’t stop them from being ‘fly’!

Why don’t birds use computers? They’re always on ‘beak-cations’!

Birds have the best fashion sense – they always ‘twit’ in style!

Why did the bird become an actor? They were tired of the ‘tweet’monotony!

Birds may chirp, but they also know how to ‘tweet’ up a storm!

Birds don’t need a fancy GPS – they always find their way with ‘tweet’ accuracy!

Why are birds always calm? Because they know how to ‘tweeet’ stress-free!

What’s a bird’s favorite exercise? Wing stretches!

Birds are nature’s original ‘tweet’hearts!

Why did the bird go on a diet? To look ‘tweet’rific for summer!

Birds don’t need to hit the gym – they’re always in ‘tweet’ shape!

Don’t ‘tweet’ away, birds – your chirps make the world a happier place!

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