Funny Candy Heart Sayings

  1. Swipe right for candy.
  2. Text me, maybe?
  3. Love bites, but candy’s sweet.
  4. YOLO, let’s eat candy.
  5. Sugar high on love.
  6. Sweet on you, literally.
  7. Candy: cheaper than therapy.
  8. You’re my sugar rush.
  9. Hug me, I’m sugar-coated!
  10. Let’s get sugar wasted!
  11. Kisses and candy.
  12. Love you like a sugar coma.
  13. I’d share my candy with you.
  14. Our love is candy-coated.
  15. The way to my heart is through candy.
  16. My love for you is like a sugar high.
  17. This candy has nothing on your sweetness.
  18. I’d walk a mile for a candy heart.
  19. You’re the cherry on my candy sundae.
  20. Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
  21. I choo-choo-choose you, and candy.
  22. Life is sweet with you.
  23. You’re my sweet escape.
  24. Love and candy, both addictive.
  25. Candy hearts never break.
  26. You’re my sugar daddy/momma.
  27. No cavities from this love.
  28. Be mine, and bring candy.
  29. Let’s be sugar buddies.
  30. Keep calm and eat candy hearts.
  31. Will work for candy.
  32. Candy is my love language.
  33. Sugar me up, buttercup.
  34. Love is sweet, but candy is sweeter.
  35. All you need is love and candy.
  36. You make my heart go candy-flip.
  37. I’m sweet on you, sugar.
  38. I want candy (and you)!
  39. Candy hearts and chill?
  40. Life’s sweeter with you.
  41. We go together like candy and hearts.
  42. Love is a many-splendored candy.
  43. Sweetheart, you’re a treat!
  44. I’m cuckoo for candy hearts.
  45. You’re the sweetest thing.
  46. You’re my sugar crush.
  47. Love at first bite.
  48. You’re worth every cavity.
  49. Let’s get love-drunk on candy.
  50. Candy hearts make the world go ’round.
  51. You had me at “candy.”
  52. Sweet tooth, sweeter heart.
  53. You’re the sprinkles on my candy.
  54. Love you to the candy store and back.
  55. My heart belongs to candy (and you).
  56. I’m a sucker for you.
  57. Love is sweet, and so are you.
  58. Candy heart, can’t lose.
  59. You make life a little sweeter.
  60. Sugar, we’re going down.
  61. You’re my favorite kind of sugar rush.
  62. Let’s sugarcoat life together.
  63. I’ve got a candy crush on you.
  64. You’re my sugar-coated dream.
  65. Love is like candy, sweet and sometimes sour.
  66. Candy hearts, unite!
  67. You’re the sweetest part of my day.
  68. Will you be my candy queen/king?
  69. Love is the sweetest treat.
  70. Sugar and spice, you’re everything nice.
  71. You’re the (candy) apple of my eye.
  72. I’d give up candy for you (maybe).
  73. It’s a love and candy kind of day.
  74. You’re my main squeeze – and candy.
  75. Who needs love when there’s candy?
  76. Let’s make sweet memories.
  77. All is fair in love and candy.
  78. You make my heart skip a candy beat.
  79. I’m just a love-struck candy fiend.
  80. Let’s build a candy heart empire.
  81. You’re the sugar to my spice.
  82. Together, we’re a sweet sensation.
  83. Our love is a candy heart adventure.
  84. Candy hearts and starry nights.
  85. Love you to the candy store and beyond.
  86. Our love is like candy: irresistible and sweet.
  87. You’re the reason for my sugar high.
  88. I’m sweet on you, no cavities attached!
  89. You’ve stolen a piece of my candy heart.
  90. You’re my one in a million candy heart.
  91. Let’s be the king and queen of candy hearts.
  92. Love is the sweetest thing, next to candy hearts.
  93. Candy hearts are the glue that holds us together.
  94. You’re the best kind of sugar rush.
  95. You make my heart melt like candy.
  96. Love is a journey, and you’re my candy trail.
  97. Candy hearts: fueling love since forever.
  98. You’re the only candy heart I need.
  99. Love is like a box of candy hearts: you never know what you’re gonna get.
  100. I’d pick you out of a candy heart lineup any day.

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