Fortnite Sayings

  1. Let’s drop at Tilted Towers and make our mark!
  2. We’ve got this Victory Royale in the bag!
  3. Building skills on point!
  4. Squad goals: dominating the battlefield!
  5. The storm is coming, let’s make a run for it!
  6. Going for that llama loot!
  7. Reviving teammates like a boss!
  8. Let’s take down this enemy team!
  9. Gotta love those headshots!
  10. Pump shotgun for the win!
  11. Time to show off our emotes!
  12. Never underestimate the power of a good trap.
  13. Just landed, let’s get looted up!
  14. We’re dropping in hot!
  15. You can’t hide from us!
  16. Building the ultimate fortress!
  17. Our team is unstoppable!
  18. Double kill, baby!
  19. The battle bus is ready, let’s go!
  20. Time to put our building skills to the test!
  21. We’ve got this circle under control.
  22. No one messes with our squad!
  23. Let’s dance on these haters!
  24. This is our island now!
  25. Victory is ours for the taking!
  26. Let’s leave our mark on this map!
  27. Hunting for supply drops like a pro!
  28. Chug jug, here we come!
  29. Tactical shotgun, let’s go!
  30. We’re the kings of the island!
  31. We make our own rules in Fortnite!
  32. Let’s take this enemy squad down!
  33. Just call me the sniper king!
  34. Our building skills are next level!
  35. Nothing beats a well-placed rocket launcher.
  36. We’re in it to win it!
  37. Get ready to be eliminated!
  38. Bandages and medkits on standby!
  39. The storm doesn’t stand a chance against us!
  40. Revive, reload, repeat!
  41. Time to show off our pickaxe skills!
  42. Who needs a weapon when you have a boogie bomb?
  43. It’s all about the teamwork!
  44. We’re the squad to beat!
  45. Pumping up the adrenaline with each kill!
  46. Let’s leave our opponents in the dust!
  47. We’re the master builders of Fortnite!
  48. Loot, shoot, and conquer!
  49. Victory is in sight!
  50. No one can stop us now!
  51. Let’s get that W!
  52. Building our way to the top!
  53. Sniper rifle, let’s do this!
  54. Tilted Towers, here we come!
  55. We’ve got the best loot in the game!
  56. Grenades for days!
  57. We’re the kings of the storm!
  58. Let’s make our way to the endgame!
  59. No one can outsmart us!
  60. Our traps are unbeatable!
  61. We’re the champions of Fortnite!
  62. Chug jug, check! Let’s go!
  63. Pump shotgun, check! Let’s get this done!
  64. Our building skills are out of this world!
  65. The storm is no match for us!
  66. This is our island, and we rule it!
  67. We’re the best of the best!
  68. Our emotes are on point!
  69. No one can touch us!
  70. Time to go all out!
  71. Let’s bring our A-game!
  72. Who needs a gun when you have a pickaxe?
  73. We’re the ultimate Fortnite squad!
  74. Nothing can stand in our way!
  75. This is our game to win!
  76. Let’s get this bread, boys!
  77. Our building skills are second to none!
  78. Time to show off our dance moves!
  79. We’re the kings of the kill feed!
  80. Let’s make our way to the final circle!
  81. We’re dominating the competition!
  82. Our aim is true, our skills are sharp!
  83. This is where we make our mark!
  84. Let’s take this island by storm!
  85. We’re the ultimate Fortnite squad, and we’re not afraid to show it!
  86. Our pickaxe skills are legendary!
  87. We’re in it to win it, and nothing can stop us!
  88. Our building skills are like nothing the island has ever seen!
  89. Let’s make our enemies regret ever crossing us!
  90. We’re the kings of the island, and we’re not giving up our throne anytime soon!
  91. Our teamwork is unbeatable, and our skills are unmatched!
  92. Let’s make this Victory Royale one for the history books!
  93. We’re the dream team, and we’re here to win!
  94. Let’s show the world what we’re made of!
  95. Our enemies may have weapons, but we have skill!
  96. We’re unstoppable, and we’re not afraid to show it!
  97. Let’s take this island by storm, and leave our mark on the map!
  98. Our strategy is flawless, and our execution is even better!
  99. We’re the masters of the island, and we’re here to stay!
  100. Let’s make this Victory Royale one that will be remembered for years to come!

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