Dodgers Sayings

  1. Dodgers all day, every day.
  2. Bleed blue, live gold.
  3. Chasing the pennant, one game at a time.
  4. Fear the beard, respect the blue.
  5. LA pride, Dodger nation.
  6. Dodger blue runs through my veins.
  7. From the diamond to the dugout, Dodgers never back down.
  8. Dodgers: we play hard and we play to win.
  9. Batter up, Dodger nation.
  10. In Dodger blue we trust.
  11. Swing for the fences, Dodgers.
  12. From the pitcher’s mound to home plate, Dodgers dominate.
  13. Step up to the plate, Dodgers.
  14. We play for the name on the front, not the name on the back.
  15. Dodgers: the heartbeat of LA.
  16. We bleed blue and gold, not silver and black.
  17. One team, one dream, one goal: to win it all.
  18. Dodgers: legends on and off the field.
  19. We don’t rebuild, we reload.
  20. Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
  21. Dodgers: nothing but respect for my team.
  22. Ride or die with the Dodgers.
  23. We don’t just win games, we make history.
  24. Dodgers: the best in the west.
  25. The boys in blue: the pride of LA.
  26. Dodgers: always ready to play.
  27. Ain’t no party like a Dodgers party.
  28. Dodgers: playing hard since day one.
  29. The Dodgers are coming, and they’re coming for the win.
  30. Onward and upward, Dodgers.
  31. Dodger blue never fades.
  32. Dodgers: always grinding.
  33. We don’t talk about our championships, we earn them.
  34. Dodgers: built for the long haul.
  35. Rally caps on, Dodger nation.
  36. Dodgers: the ultimate comeback kings.
  37. Play like a champion, Dodgers.
  38. Dodgers: always fighting for the win.
  39. One team, one family, one goal.
  40. Winning is a habit, and the Dodgers are addicted.
  41. Dodgers: the best show in LA.
  42. In the land of the blue, the Dodgers reign supreme.
  43. The Dodgers are ready for their close-up.
  44. We don’t just play baseball, we live it.
  45. The Dodgers are more than a team, they’re a way of life.
  46. Dodgers: the heart and soul of LA.
  47. We play hard, we play fair, and we play to win.
  48. From Chavez Ravine to the World Series, the Dodgers never back down.
  49. Dodgers: legends of the diamond.
  50. We don’t fear the competition, we embrace it.
  51. It’s not just a game, it’s a Dodgers game.
  52. Dodgers: the kings of the diamond.
  53. In the sea of blue, the Dodgers are the sharks.
  54. From first pitch to last out, Dodgers never quit.
  55. The Dodgers are LA’s pride and joy.
  56. Winning isn’t a choice, it’s a requirement.
  57. The Dodgers: making history since 1883.
  58. Ain’t no party like a Dodgers party!
  59. Dodger blue runs through my veins.
  60. Dodger Stadium is my happy place.
  61. Win or lose, always a Dodgers fan.
  62. Dodgers baseball: the soundtrack of summer.
  63. I bleed Dodger blue.
  64. Dodger fans: the most loyal in baseball.
  65. Nothin’ but love for the Boys in Blue.
  66. My heart belongs to the Dodgers.
  67. Dodgers fans don’t stop believin’.
  68. In Dodgers we trust.
  69. Dodger pride, never hide.
  70. From the bottom of our Dodger-loving hearts.
  71. A true Dodger fan never quits.
  72. Dodgers: forever and always.
  73. Blue skies and Dodger baseball.
  74. Dodgers fans, louder than thunder.
  75. Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to Dodger Stadium.
  76. Dodger fans: born with a blue soul.
  77. Batter up, Dodgers, let’s go!
  78. Dodger fans, we play for keeps.
  79. Dodgers: the heartbeat of LA.
  80. Nothing beats a day at Dodger Stadium.
  81. Dodgers baseball: a way of life.
  82. Dodger fans are the definition of loyalty.
  83. Dodgers, bringing joy to LA since 1958.
  84. Dodger fans, we never give up hope.
  85. The Boys in Blue, nothing can stop them.
  86. Dodgers, we’re in it to win it.
  87. Baseball is life, Dodgers are love.
  88. Dodgers fans, we are family.
  89. Los Angeles is a Dodgers town.
  90. Dodgers, taking LA by storm.
  91. Dodgers baseball: the ultimate adrenaline rush.
  92. Dodgers, the kings of the diamond.
  93. Dodger blue skies forever.
  94. Dodgers, the gift that keeps on giving.
  95. Dodger baseball, where dreams come true.
  96. Dodgers, the heart and soul of LA.
  97. Dodger fans, we are united in blue.
  98. Dodgers, a tradition like no other.
  99. There’s no place like Dodger Stadium.
  100. Dodgers, we make the impossible possible.

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