Cow Sayings

  1. Don’t have a cow, man!
  2. Holy cow!
  3. You’re milking it!
  4. Cowabunga!
  5. Moo-ve over!
  6. Udderly ridiculous!
  7. That’s no bull!
  8. Cow’s it going?
  9. That’s pasture prime!
  10. Cow-tipping is udderly stupid.
  11. You’re the cream of the crop!
  12. Cowgirl up!
  13. I’m in the moo-d for some milk.
  14. Milk it for all it’s worth!
  15. Don’t have a beef with me!
  16. I’m feeling mooooody today.
  17. Let’s hoof it!
  18. That’s a bunch of bull!
  19. I herd that!
  20. Let’s get moo-ving!
  21. Quit milking it!
  22. That’s udder nonsense!
  23. You’re the beefcake!
  24. Cow pies!
  25. You’re the big cheese!
  26. I’m feeling cow-ntented.
  27. That’s a load of bull!
  28. You’re the cream of the herd!
  29. That’s udderly amazing!
  30. Let’s cow-noodle!
  31. Don’t be a chicken, be a cow!
  32. I’m feeling moo-sical!
  33. That’s a bunch of moo-larkey!
  34. You’re the king of the herd!
  35. Cow-tastic!
  36. That’s moo-sic to my ears!
  37. You’re the head honcho!
  38. That’s the beef of the matter.
  39. Moo-ve it or lose it!
  40. That’s the cream of the crop!
  41. You’re the bossy cow!
  42. Don’t have a cow over it!
  43. You’re the steak and potatoes!
  44. That’s udderly fantastic!
  45. Cow-a-bunga, dude!
  46. That’s the beefiest idea I’ve ever heard!
  47. You’re the cow-pie in the sky!
  48. That’s moo-velous!
  49. You’re the top cow in the barn!
  50. That’s the creamiest decision.
  51. Cow-nt me in!
  52. That’s the beefiest compliment I’ve ever received!
  53. You’re the cow-tipping champ!
  54. That’s moo-sic to my ears!
  55. You’re the cow bell of the ball!
  56. That’s the milkiest way to do it!
  57. Cow-pilot!
  58. That’s moo-re than I bargained for!
  59. You’re the cow-champion!
  60. That’s the creamiest dream!
  61. Cow-llaboration!
  62. That’s the beefiest burger I’ve ever had!
  63. You’re the cow-ntess of the herd!
  64. That’s the milkiest way to succeed!
  65. Cow-abunga, baby!
  66. That’s moo-raculous!
  67. You’re the cream of the dairy!
  68. That’s the beefiest advice I’ve ever gotten!
  69. Cow-ntinue on!
  70. That’s the creamiest goal!
  71. You’re the cow-nterpart to my ideas!
  72. That’s the milkiest situation!
  73. Cow-pilot, take the lead!
  74. That’s moo-ving!
  75. You’re the cow-nterbalance to my worries!
  76. That’s the beefiest approach to the problem.
  77. Cow-ching up!
  78. That’s the creamiest way to live!
  79. You’re the cow-niverous one!
  80. That’s the moo-st satisfying solution!
  81. You’re the cow-nt of coolness!
  82. That’s the beefiest way to impress!
  83. Cow-chella, here we come!
  84. That’s the creamiest way to celebrate!
  85. You’re the cow-rageous one!
  86. That’s the moo-diest moment!
  87. Cow-tails for everyone!
  88. That’s the beefiest way to stand out!
  89. Cow-municate with clarity!
  90. That’s the creamiest way to succeed!
  91. You’re the cow-nnoisseur of fine taste!
  92. That’s the moo-ment of truth!
  93. Cow-pose for the camera!
  94. That’s the beefiest way to get noticed!
  95. Cow-sider yourself lucky!
  96. That’s the creamiest way to shine!
  97. You’re the cow-nt of awesomeness!
  98. That’s the moo-st epic adventure!
  99. Cow-ngratulations, you did it!
  100. That’s the beefiest way to live your best life!

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