Bunny Sayings

  1. Hop into Easter with a bunny hop!
  2. Some bunny loves you!
  3. Happy Easter from our bunny to yours!
  4. Hoppy Easter, every bunny!
  5. Don’t worry, be hoppy!
  6. Follow the bunny, he has chocolate!
  7. A little fluff, a little hop, and Easter is here!
  8. Don’t stop believing in the Easter bunny!
  9. The Easter bunny knows how to have a good hare day!
  10. Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way!
  11. Spring has sprung and so has the Easter bunny!
  12. Cute as a bunny, sweet as honey!
  13. Happy Easter from your favorite bunny!
  14. Hoppy Easter! May your baskets be full of joy and treats!
  15. Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and Easter wishes!
  16. The Easter bunny brought the good stuff!
  17. Keep calm and hop on!
  18. Hop to it, Easter is here!
  19. Celebrate Easter with some bunny you love!
  20. Hop into spring with a bunny on your side!
  21. Don’t be a bunny thief, share the chocolate!
  22. The Easter bunny makes everything better!
  23. Have a hoppy Easter, everybunny!
  24. Easter is better with bunny kisses and chocolate wishes!
  25. Easter is egg-cellent with a bunny by your side!
  26. May your Easter be egg-stra special!
  27. Some bunny special is thinking of you this Easter!
  28. You’re egg-stra special to me!
  29. Easter is a time for new beginnings, let’s hop into it!
  30. A bunny’s motto: live, hop, love!
  31. The Easter bunny is all about the chocolate and the love!
  32. Follow the bunny trail and you will find Easter treats!
  33. Hop into Easter with a smile and some chocolate!
  34. Easter is a time to celebrate with some bunny special!
  35. May your Easter be as sweet as a basket of bunnies!
  36. The Easter bunny always delivers the goods!
  37. Don’t be afraid to get a little egg-stra this Easter!
  38. A bunny hug is the best kind of hug!
  39. Happy Easter from the fluffy side of life!
  40. Hop, skip, and jump into Easter with some bunny special!
  41. Nothing beats an Easter basket full of bunny love!
  42. The Easter bunny has ears for listening and a heart for loving!
  43. Life is better with a bunny by your side!
  44. Hop into Easter and leave your worries behind!
  45. A bunny can make any day better!
  46. Easter is the perfect time for some bunny love!
  47. May your Easter be as bright as a field of bunnies!
  48. Some bunny thinks you’re amazing!
  49. The Easter bunny is always on time with the treats!
  50. Don’t forget to save some carrots for the Easter bunny!
  51. Hop to it and let’s celebrate Easter!
  52. Easter is egg-citing with a bunny in tow!
  53. Every bunny needs some bunny to love on Easter!
  54. Hoppy Easter! May your day be filled with joy and happiness!
  55. Let’s hop into Easter and leave our worries behind!
  56. Somebunny loves you!
  57. Hoppin’ into your heart.
  58. Bunny kisses and Easter wishes.
  59. Ears to a hoppy Easter!
  60. Somebunny thinks you’re egg-cellent.
  61. Bunny hop ’til you drop!
  62. Hoppy to be your friend.
  63. Somebunny loves carrots.
  64. Hare’s to a great day!
  65. Somebunny’s excited for Easter.
  66. Hoppin’ down the bunny trail.
  67. Bunny up and let’s go!
  68. Hop to it!
  69. Happy Spring from your favorite bunny.
  70. Somebunny’s ready for a nap.
  71. Hoppy Easter to all my peeps!
  72. I carrot believe how cute you are!
  73. Bunny ears, don’t care!
  74. You’re somebunny special.
  75. Chasing dreams and carrots.
  76. Hoppin’ to brighten your day.
  77. Bunny-tastic!
  78. Somebunny’s feeling lucky.
  79. You’re my favorite little rabbit.
  80. Bunny hop into my arms!
  81. Cute as a bunny.
  82. Somebunny loves springtime.
  83. Bunny tail swag.
  84. Hoppy to see you!
  85. Hare’s to a wonderful day.
  86. Bunny love.
  87. Easter blessings from your favorite bunny.
  88. Carrots and cuddles with my favorite bunny.
  89. Hoppin’ and happy.
  90. Bunny ears and sunshine.
  91. Somebunny’s got your back.
  92. Bunny trails and happy tales.
  93. Carrot-munching cutie.
  94. Hare today, gone tomorrow!
  95. Somebunny’s feeling silly.
  96. Hoppy Spring from the Easter Bunny.
  97. Bunny hugs and Easter kisses.
  98. Bunny love, pure and simple.
  99. Hoppin’ into a new season.
  100. Somebunny’s excited for Easter treats.

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